TZT 1207B-5101 DC Motor Controller 24V 300A for Upgraded CURTIS 1207 or 1207A


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TZT 1207B-5101 DC Motor Controller 24V 300A for Upgraded CURTIS 1207 or 1207ATZT 1207B-5101 DC Motor Controller 24V 300A for Upgraded CURTIS 1207 or 1207ATZT 1207B-5101 DC Motor Controller 24V 300A for Upgraded CURTIS 1207 or 1207A
Attention:Customers need to choose accelerator mode(0-5v,0-5k,5k-0),please leave us a message.

Product Description:CURTIS 1207B-5101 DC Series Motor Speed Controller 24V 300A

CURTIS 1207B DC Motor Controller Manual:Click

Key Features:
Curtis Model: 1207B-5101, newest generation of 1207/1207A series controller, 24V / 300A.
Norminal Battery Voltage: 24 volts The buyer should confirm with the seller the throttle type (5k-0Ω, 0-5kΩ or 0 – 5V).
By defaut, we will the controller of setting of 24V / 300A / 5k-0Ω. For modifying any controller parameters, please leave us a message for confirming it.

Output current:
300 amps for 30 seconds
210 amps for 2 minutes
160 amps for 5 minutes
110 amps for 1 hour

Overview:Curtis PMC 1207B programmable motor speed controllers are the latest upgraded version of popular 1207A controllers. The Curtis 1207B programmable motor speed controller provides efficient, cost-effective, and simple-to-install control for a variety of small electric vehicles. Typical applications include walkie fork/pallet trucks, mini personnel carriers, and sweepers. The microprocessor-based logic section combined with a proven MOSFET power section gives the 1207B controller high power and advanced features in a simple, compact package. The optional programmers ( Curtis Model 1313-4401 Handheld Programmer and PC Programming Station 1314 with 1309 USB Interface) enable the user to set parameters, conduct tests, and obtain diagnostic information quickly and easily.

Features include:
Power MOSFET design, providing
• infinitely variable drive and plug brake control
• silent high-frequency operation
• high efficiency (for reduced motor and battery losses)
– Compact size
– Overvoltage and undervoltage protection
– Thermal protection and compensation circuitry provides undertemperature
cutback, constant current limit, and linear rollback in overtemperature-thus preventing sudden power loss regardless of thermal conditions
– Intelligent handheld programmer (optional) provides a full set of parameterand function settings
– Diagnostic and test information for the controller—and other system components-readily available both on-board and through the programmer
– On-board potentiometers allow direct manual adjustment of acceleration rate, creep speed, maximum speed, plug current, and main current limit (1207 single-mode models only)
– Circuitry and software detects faults in the throttle circuit, MOSFET drive circuit, MOSFET transistors, contactor drivers, and contactors-ensuring that the controller meets EEC fault detect requirements
– Input sequencing options include neutral start and static return to off (SRO)
– Microprocessor-controlled contactor sequencing provides true arcless contactor switching
– Smooth, controlled plug braking—with either variable (throttle-dependent) or fixed plug current limit
– Neutral braking option provides automatic plug braking in neutral
– MultiMode™ input selects between two different operating modes, thus allowing optimization of vehicle characteristics for different driving conditions
– Emergency reverse (belly button switch) with a single input Ramp-start feature provides full power for starting on ramps
– Simple contactor and switch wiring, with coil drivers monitored for faults-thus ensuring fail-safe operation
– Flexible throttle circuitry accommodates a variety of throttle types
– Programmable “ramp shape” (static throttle map) provides flexibility in selecting throttle response feel
– Connections made by solid copper power busses with a polarized Molex connector for control signals
– Solid, well-protected construction—with an aluminum mounting plate and injection-molded cover.

– Nominal input voltage 24 V
– Maximum operating voltage 30 V
– Overvoltage point 33 V
– Minimum operating voltage 16 V (= undervoltage point)
– Electrical isolation to heatsink 500 V ac (minimum)
– PWM operating frequency 15 kHz
– Controller Weight: 1.1 kg (2.5 lbs)
– Controller Dimensions: 122 × 165 × 66 mm (4.8″ × 6.5″ × 2.6″)

Package List:
– 1 x CURTIS 1207B-5101 DC Motor Controller

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